Flint Hills Resources

Flint Hills Resources owns and operates the world’s largest propane dehydrogenation (“PDH”) facility, based on production capacity, strategically located on the Houston Ship Channel with direct and indirect access to approximately 1/2 of U.S. propylene consumption. The facility, which began operations in October 2010, has an annual production capacity of approximately 1.45 billion pounds.

As the only independent dedicated propylene producer in the U.S., Flint Hills Resources is able to provide a reliable, predictable supply of propylene. The facility also produces commercial quantities of hydrogen as well as a C-4 mix stream and a C-5+ mix stream.

The plant utilizes the CATOFIN® propane dehydrogenation technology. The process includes numerous company developed energy cost-savings innovations which improved upon the typical CATOFIN® design.

The plant is situated on the site of a former ethylene production facility acquired from ExxonMobil (“XOM”) in March of 2008. This facility was ideally suited for reconfiguration to PDH based on its location, infrastructure, utilities, permits, logistics, and certain operating units we were able to utilize in the new process. The location on the Houston Ship Channel provides access to about one-half of all U.S. propylene consumption, as well as direct access to the leading global exchange hub for propane, located at Mt. Belvieu, Texas.